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Blue Line Consulting Ltd is a consulting Firm specialized in setting up Limited companies and other legal entities in the UK and other jurisdictions.

We have years of experience as company formation consultants and administrator worldwide.

When considering the formation of a company it is important to plan properly and analyse a number of factors in order to ascertain the most suitable jurisdiction and legal entity.

Blue Line Consulting Ltd has a wide experience in the formation of companies in numerous jurisdictions. Additionally, company management services are available thanks to our extensive network of collaborators.


HMRC's online registration service for trusts and estates is now available. All trusts and estates with a tax…

Latest News

UBO: UK Members Of Parliament Discuss To Establish Public UBO Registers For Overseas Territories

UBO: UK Members of Parliament discuss to establish public UBO registers for overseas territories

According to the UK's Guardian newspaper, a group of 88 Members of the UK Parliament have proposed an amendment to the Criminal Finances Bill 2017 that would require British overseas territories to make their company ownership registers public by 2020.…

UK: House Of Lords Report On The Effect Of Brexit On The Financial Sector

UK: House Of Lords report on the effect of Brexit on the financial sector

The European Union Committee of the House of Lords has recently published a report of the possible effects of Brexit on financial services. Report Download The European Union Committee is appointed each session “to scrutinise documents deposited in the House…

UK: HMRC To Introduce Central Register Of Trusts

UK: HMRC to introduce central register of Trusts

The December 2016 edition of HM Revenue & Customs' trusts and estates newsletter describes HMRC's recently launched project to build an online central register of trusts, to be introduced in 2017. The aim is to allow HMRC to collect and…

IRELAND: UBO Register Rules Now In Force

IRELAND: UBO register rules now in force

Ireland's Department of Finance has published new regulations requiring companies and other legal entities incorporated in Ireland to take 'all reasonable steps' to hold full information on their beneficial owners on an internal register. This new requirement came into force…